Sustainability of the ITF Taekwon-Do World Championships

We want to create experiences for all participants in the competition, from athletes to volunteers.

The city of Tampere is the main partner of the event. The goal of the city of Tampere is to organize a responsible and sustainable major event together with the World Championship organizing committee. Read the top 5 tips for a sustainable visit to Tampere

What do we do as the competition organizers?

We avoid purchasing disposable goods. We buy goods locally as much as possible and in light of our expertise and knowledge, we choose responsibly produced products.

For example, the power breaking and special technique machines purchased for the event were built in Tampere and will be in use also after the competition. The tatamis have already been used in other local competitions and will be used by local clubs after the World Championships. Printed products are printed only with consideration and when needed. Goods that were purchased for the European Championships 2016, such as plastic flowers, buckets, etc., are also used now in the World Championships. Goods that can be rented, such as computers, etc. are rented, and not purchased as new.

Cooperation with Tampere’s public transport encourages athletes, supporters and volunteers to choose lower-emission forms of travel.

The t-shirts and other clothes purchased for the volunteers are purchased with longevity in mind, so that the clothes can be enjoyed years from now, and not just for one week.

Finnish tap water is excellent drinking water. This is communicated to international guests on social media before the competition and during the competition at the venue.

Social responsibility is created together. A significant part of the volunteers are minors who are included in the Taekwon-Do family, and involved in the competition arrangements. The well-being of the volunteers is taken care of with sufficient familiarization of the tasks, the moderate length of the work days, breaks and the creation of a good atmosphere. Volunteers’ experiences of the event are collected with a survey after the competition. 

For the competition, a safety plan is drawn up by professionals, and professionals are responsible for security at the competition venue.

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Competition is harassment-free zone

We want to invest in everyone’s comfort and safety. The competition area is free from all discrimination and harassment. This is reported on the social media channels of the competition beforehand. In addition, there is a discrimination-free sign at the Info point at the competition venue. Volunteers have been urged to intervene and inform the organizers about the discrimination they may see and experience.

You can contact the harassment contact person if you feel that you have been harassed, berated, or bullied or have witnessed these situations. The harassment contact person supports and advises in the situation. Minna Minkkinen / tel. +358445669432 / email Minna Minkkinen works along with Master Mikko Allinniemi.

The ITF harassment information center wants to know if you experience or witness harassment at ITF Taekwon-Do events.

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