IUC Finland

40th Qualifying International Umpire Course

Dear ITF members,

On behalf of ITF Taekwon-Do Finland and Tampere Taekwon-Do we have the great pleasure to invite you to the 40th Qualifying International Umpire Course held in Tampere, Finland from 25th to 26th of February 2023.

The course will be conducted by the Chairman of the ITF Umpire Committee Master Abelardo Benzaquén with ITF Umpire Committee members Grand Master Gordon Wallace and Master Kurt Ottesen. We are also honored by special participation of ITF Technical Committee member Grand Master Ung Kim Lan.

The ITF runs International Umpire Courses around the world on a regular basis, especially prior to all major championships such as World Cups and World Championships, to ensure all officials are up to date with the rules, regulations and the latest technical aspects.

This International Umpire Course takes place just six months before the 2023 World Championships in September, which will also be held in Tampere and serves as a Qualifying course for those umpires wishing to apply for the competition. Participants can also apply for the Umpire A certificate (4th Degree and above), and Umpire B certificate (2nd Degree and above). The course is open to all ITF members from 1st Degree and above and all participants will receive a participation diploma.

It will be a pleasure and honor for us to welcome you and share this exclusive event with you.

On behalf of the organizing committee,

Tanja Hammare
ITF Finland

Lasse Kuusisto
Tampere Taekwon-Do


Registration closed

January 30, 2023

The initial registration to the organizer has now ended and we are to inform you that we have 120 participants from over 20 countries all over the world taking part to this amazing event! We kindly remind that all participants also have to register to ITF Online. The last registration for that is February 15 but we encourage National Associations to do it as soon as possible.

And before you start packing your things take a look at the wheater forecast… it might be snowing or really cold… you never know but check it out from Finnish Meteorological Institute: https://en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi

Invitation sent

November 19, 2022

The QIUC invitation has been sent to ITF and hopefully soon you will received also via you national association. The invitation is available in ITF website https://itftkd.sport/event/iuc-tampere-finland/. You can also download the invitation here.